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The BFZB is part of Munich’s oldest orthopaedic joint practice.

Limb Lengthening
Limb Lengthening

Limb lengthening procedures are performed using the world’s most innovative lengthening device, the Precice Nail. The nail is implanted via small invasive cuts in the skin. A magnetic drive integrated in the nail guarantees a gentle lengthening of the thigh and the shank.

Individuals who undergo surgical lengthening include those with a limb length discrepancy as a result of an accident as well as those with congenital deformities. This procedure can also be carried out for cosmetic reasons, particularly those individuals, who are concerned about their small stature.

Before any surgical treatment, both leg length and the axis of rotation must be examined to determine the extent of the deformity. The purpose of the procedure is the reconstruction of the physiological leg axis to prevent the destruction of the joint on one side. The whole procedure requires precise examination and preoperative planning.

Both congenital and posttraumatic limb length discrepancies often coexist with damage and deformities of the spinal column, as well as the hip, knee and foot joint, which require treatment before or after the lengthening. You will be treated by a team of highly qualified and experienced health care professionals. Spinal column, hip, knee and foot joint rehabilitation is undertaken in cooperation with the lengthening surgeon. This guarantees optimum success of the surgical procedure.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ


How can I find the most qualified surgeon for my limb lengthening?

When the limb lengthening is carried out by a specialist, it is a minimally invasive and gentle procedure. It considers precise diagnostics, planning and follow-up treatment which leads to the desired aim. Ask how many lengthening procedures the surgeon has already carried out. Ask whether your surgeon also carries out the follow-up treatment or if he delivers it to an assistant. Ask if the team provides other health care professionals who can also treat other occurring foot, leg and joint problems or problems of the spinal column under the instruction of the lengthening surgeon.

The Bavarian Limb Lengthening Centre complies with these requirements. Your surgeon has a long and vast experience concerning limb lengthening with full implantable distraction nails. You will be informed about the pros and cons of the different lengthening devices as well as about alternative therapies. The Bavarian Limb Lengthening Centre co-operates with orthopaedic and surgical health care professionals to guarantee an optimum successful treatment concerning not only the limb lengthening, but the whole surgical procedure.

By how many cm can a leg be lengthened?


The lengthening distance depends on the nail. Distances of 2-12cm can be carried out on the concerned leg. For longer lengthening, another operation involving a change of nail is necessary.

How long does the lengthening procedure take?
The duration depends on the planned lengthening distance. Usually each bone is lengthened by 1mm per day. Leg lengthening with the Precice nail (extension intramedullary nail), illustration of a procedure, Beinverlaengerungszentrum Munich Pullach

How long do I have to stay in hospital?

Normally patients have to stay in hospital for 7 days.



Does the patient carry out the lengthening by her/himself?
The patient will be instructed on how to do the lengthening during her/his stay in hospital. The lengthening using the Precice Nail is very simple and takes about
20 min. per day. The patient will be able to do this on her/his own without any problems. It is impossible to make any mistakes as the planned lengthening distance is saved in the Precice Nail and can be corrected by the surgeon at any time.

Do you also treat patients insured under a health insurance scheme?
Yes, the senior consultant will carry out the operation as well as the follow-up treatment with patients insured under a health insurance scheme in the Bavarian Limb Lengthening Centre.